Health & Safety


Your Welfare Our Strength

Our people and supply chain partners are our biggest priority. We always go above and beyond best practice when it comes to health & safety.

We all must be diligent in taking care for the health, safety and wellbeing of ourselves, colleagues and anyone who may be affected by our actions. We all have an individual responsibility to challenge unsafe practices, report unsafe conditions and comply with all health, safety & environmental requirements.

McLaughlin & Harvey regard compliance with legislation as the minimum standard to be achieved. We will promote best practice throughout our operations with the aim of continually improving. This will ensure our management teams can deliver the highest standards of health, safety and environmental performance throughout our business. We are committed to preventing injuries and protecting health, wellbeing & the environment by driving improvements, creating innovation and challenging conventional views and practices.


All subcontractors must demonstrate their health, safety, environmental, quality and responsible behaviour competencies through our pre-qualification process.

Only once the key competencies have been established, and our subcontractor commitment statement signed, will the subcontractor be deemed an approved supply chain member.

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Risk Assessments & Method Statements

Subcontractors must supply site-specific risk assessments and method statements. Generic documentation will not suffice. You will be expected to have a sufficient assessment of the risks arising from your activities and implement control measures in line with recognised legal requirements, industry best practice and the conditions found on the relevant site.

All documents must be sent to the McLaughlin & Harvey Project Manager in a timescale sufficient to allow for the content to be reviewed and approved prior to works commencing. Your work activities will not be allowed to commence until our project management team confirms your documentation is suitable and fit for purpose.


Prior to starting work on a project, all subcontractor employees must enrol on our online induction portal.

Each employee will then be required to complete the online induction, which must be completed prior to attending a McLaughlin & Harvey project.

Employees will be required to enter the work area via a turnstile after using facial recognition.

Safety & Environmental Observation Reports

Subcontractors are required to demonstrate maintenance of discipline among their workforce, including their own arrangements for dealing with failures to comply with health & safety rules and measures to promote health, safety and environmental good practice.

McLaughlin & Harvey operate a Safety & Environmental Observation Reporting (SEOR) system. A SEOR will be issued to an individual who has contravened health & safety rules. Issue of a SEOR may require that individual and their Supervisor to undertake a site re-induction as a minimum remedial action.

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Competency & Training

Subcontractor Managers, Supervisors, and personnel must confirm that they have received appropriate safety training to enable them to carry out their tasks.

All operatives and supervisors must be in possession of a current and relevant CSR, CSCS, CPCS, FAS CSCS / Safepass card, or equivalent card relevant to their appropriate skill or trade. In addition, all plant operatives and Slinger Signallers/ Traffic Marshals must be in possession of a current plant competency card relevant to the plant being operated.

H&S Monitoring &

As Principal Contractor, McLaughlin & Harvey will coordinate and monitor the overall works and interface between subcontractors and other parties. Project management teams may carry out formal safety inspections in addition to their day-to-day supervision.

This will normally be supplemented by periodic SHEQ inspections by our SHEQ department. Subcontractors are encouraged and expected to complete their own formal health & safety inspections.